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                             THE FORMATION OF HEALTH SAVING ENVIRONMENT IN THE KINDERGARTEN                                                   FOR CHILDREN WITH MENTAL RETARDATION                    


Ilyin Valery Alexeevich, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, professor, sub-department of physical training and sport, Penza State University,
Karpushkin Alexander Alexeevich, Candidate of pedagogic sciences, associate professor, head of sub-department of physical training and sport, Penza State University,

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The article results experience of work of pedagogical collective of kindergarten № 15 (number fifteen) of town Zarechny Penza region on formation of an environment – saving health in process of learning and education of children with mental retardation.

Key words

mental retardation (MR), educational space saving health, program of complex improvement of children, sport – improving technologies, correctional developing route of development, chronic diseases.

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